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Magento Speed Optimization

‘Time is money’ is an age-old adage but truer today than ever. Ecommerce businesses are going all out to ensure that their online stores are up and running 24x7, and more importantly, that these websites are super responsive to the customers’ inputs. At Magentous, we understand this is crucial because for customers’, time indeed is money and websites with pages and content that take time to load, and perform poorly in peak times, are the biggest hindrance that prevents a sale almost every time, and adversely affects the revenue. Moreover, with so many options available online today, customers’ can just go on to the next website that gives them a much faster and smoother interface.


Magento Speed Optimization: For a Lightening Fast Experience

For the millions of Magento sites out there, Magentous has the perfect solution in the form of Magento Speed Optimization Service. Combining the industry best practices with special emphasis on specific requirements of the users, we help your business leverage Magento Speed Optimization for a lightening fast performance from your Ecommerce website. We help your business attain the following benefits with Magento Performance Optimization:

  • Optimization of Code
    through identification and removal of unnecessary or unused code processes
  • Optimization of Database
    through proper settings configuration, unused data cleanups through periodic checkups and database queries optimized for maximum performance
  • Auto scaling
    that allocates resources dynamically, and helps in optimized up and down scaling of server resources in step with the real time website traffic trend
  • Version Control
    and Upgrades to ensure superior performance along with security, easy upgrades and version updates with no painstaking and unnecessary changes.
  • Proper Configuration
    for Magento Performance Optimization, that will be in tune with your website’s unique demands and requirements
  • Use of Caching
    System processes and powerful CDN (Content Delivery Networks) for Magento website speed optimization
  • Continuous Monitoring
    of the Ecommerce website which is dynamic, that changes and expands constantly. Periodic testing as well as analysis to make sure the Magento Performance and Speed Optimization Service is fully active and working at all times.
  • Other optimization techniques
    including file transfer reduction between web server and browser; HTML, JavaScript and CSS size reduction with GZIP compression; combining JavaScript and CSS files for faster load times of web pages (a feature inbuilt in Magento); and CSS Sprites to combine images into lesser number of files that reduces downloaded bytes and increased speed

Why Choose Us ?

With several years of experience of building various kinds of Ecommerce websites for a number of different industry segments,Magentous offers Magento Performance and Speed Optimization Services that will help our ecommerce business in the most critical area of customer interaction and experience. With our solutions, you can be sure that visitors to your website will get a lightening fast interface without the annoyance of having to wait for website pages to open up.


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